"Martial Arts Are As Infinite As The Universe." Master Hironori Otsuka

"Violet action may be understood as the way of Martial Arts, but the true meaning of the Martial Arts is to seek and attain the Way of Peace and Harmony." Master Hironori Otsuka

Martial Arts teaches many  different things, yet not all these things will be physical. As we study Martial Arts, we learn many lessons that take us through the journey of life itself. We shall learn how and when to use or not use what we have learned.

From another point of view, Wado-Ryu may be considered a style of Jujitsu rather than karate. It should be aknowledged that Hironori Otsuka accepted Shotokan and was its chief instructor for a time.

A main principle in Wado Ryu is of Tai Sabaki (often incorrectly referred to as 'evasion'). The Japanese term which can be translated as "body-management," and refers to body manipulation, so as to move the defender as well as the attacker out of harm's way. The way to achieve this is to 'move with' rather than to 'move against' or harmony rather than physical brute strength. Modern karate competition tends to moderate Wado Ryu away from its roots towards a new generic karate that appeals more to the demands of both spectators and competitors

Wado Ryu moves from the balls of the foot rather than the heel, which affects the delivery of almost every single technique, the stances and the kata. It works very well with the Jujitsu applications that Wado retains and improves the Tai Sabaki that is a core of Wado training and application in comparison to the "low stances and long attacks, linear chained techniques" that typify the way Shotokan developed after the split.

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