Shihan Peter Suzuki and Sensei Dave Honey

Shihan Peter Suzuki was located in Dublin Ireland, where he soon established clubs within Southern Ireland, Suzuki Shihan then travelled to Germany and on his return to Ireland, decided to move to Birmingham, England in the early 70’s where he assisted T. Takamizawa in the Temple Karate Club in Birmingham.

Shortly after Suzuki Shihan then opened his own club, the Suzuki Karate school based in Meriden Street in Digbeth.

Within a year of opening, Peter’s club soon became famous for its teaching of traditional Wado Ryu, Due to the size of his club which peaked at 300 students, this enabled Peter to teach true Wado Ryu, the Japanese way, the way it is meant to be taught. The club created many of the top instructors in the country today.

In his hey day, Suzuki Shihan was famous for his fighting skills and his technical ability, the club was renowned for its etiquette and koroko (heart) within its students at all grades.
In the late 1980’s Peter retired from Karate due to ill health

Peter Suzuki 6th Dan - In the early 1960's England received an influx of instructors sent from Japan By Professor Hinori Ohtsuka.

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