SenseiDave Honey 6th Dan

Droitwich Ohku Kai

3rd November 1966 born Sandown Isle of Wight
1980 Started Martial Arts
1984 Started Wado Ryu Karate
1990 Awarded Captaincy of Droitwich Ohku Kai and passed 1st Dan grading.
1992 Passed 2nd Dan grading.
1995 Professor Tatsuo Suzuki Hanshi gave Dave's school a certificate of teaching Traditional Wado Ryu at the same time as Dave passed his 3rd Dan grading.
1999 Passed 4th Dan grading.
2004 Passed 5th Dan grading, Took over the running of Droitwich Ohku Kai.

2011 Awarded 6th Dan (Rokudan).


In the early days Dave progressed well in competitions around the Midlands, he also had the privilege of fighting at Crystal Palace in 1985 with Birmingham Ohku Kai. Dave has also studied the art of shiatsu, becoming a pioneer of pressure points in the mid 90's traveling the Country teaching various styles and organizations.

Droitwich Ohku Kai's main instructor and only original student since 1984 is Dave Honey who took his early Kyu gradings under Shihan Peter Suzuki.  After Shihan Peter Suzuki retired Dave traveled the Country training with other instructors including Professor Tatsuo Suzuki Hanshi. Prof Tatsuo Suzuki also attended Droitwich Ohku Kai teaching Traditional Wado Ryu at the same time as giving Dave his 3rd Dan.

Phil Martin stepped aside in 2000 and left the club in 2004 Dave Honey took over teaching of the club up until the present day. 

Dave also for a short period of time got Peter Suzuki out of retirement to over see the purity of the Wado taught at Droitwich Ohku Kai. 

Dave had the privileged of in depth conversations with Prof Tatsuo Suzuki Hanshi, Shihan Peter Suzuki and would also like to extend thanks to Mr Phil Martin whom without his guidance would never have stuck to the path of pure Wado Ryu.

Renshi Stuart Duggan 5th Dan 

Droitwich Ohku Kai Club Captain

7th February 1978 Born In Droitwich.
1998 Started Wado Ryu Karate.
2002 Passed 1st Dan Grading.
After passing my 1st Dan I was awarded captaincy of the club
2004 Passed 2nd Dan Grading.
2007 Passed 3rd Dan Grading.

2011 Passed 4th Dan Grading. 

2016 Passed 5th Dan Grading, in front of a panel of Sensei Honey and Sensei Pat Pace

I was always interested in Martial art movies Bruce Lee, Karate Kid, Jet Li , Steven Seagal, Jean Claude Van Dame.

This led me to studying Judo  to green belt level when I was in middle school for a couple of years then in high school I went to Worcester Boxing Club for a short while also.  I didn’t do any martial arts for a few year but for some reason I was attracted to karate and the only club in Droitwich was a Wado Ryu Club. When I trained in  karate for the first time I realized how unfit I was and saw how fit and skillful the higher grades and instructors where.  Soon I was training three times week and making good progress with Karate. I was awarded student of the year from the club a couple of years running, and also most improved student .My Sensei Dave Honey has guided me and trained me through all my gradings and has got me to the Level I am today.
I have also competed in kata and kumite competitions where I fared well. I have attended Seminars with Hanshi T Suzuki, Shiomitsu Sensei,Yangawa Sensei to gain more information on all aspects of Wado Ryu karate.


Lee Price - 2nd Dan, Senpai

I started training roughly around the age of 8 with Sensei Dave Honey but had to quit due to circumstances. Around the age of 14 I began to box and had a few bouts only losing 1. At the age of 17 I broke my ankle and once recovered I got back into the ring, I forgot all about my legs once I started boxing and took it for granted so I started up Wado again forgetting the pure class, skill, concentration and brutal fitness of the Ohku Kai.

I have trained and travelled around different arts and clubs including boxing, kickboxing, taekwondo, wing chung, kung fu and MMA throughout the years. My heart always lay at karate with Wado Ryu. They say Wado chooses the person and it certainly chose me.

Sensei Dave Honey has seen me through and guided me through all my grades along with Sensei John Hocking and Sensei Stuart Duggan. I have also trained with Tatsuo Suzuki Hanshi, Sensei Phil Martin and the late Sensei John Hocking. Without all these people I would not have the karateka and attitude I have today.

The beautiful thing about Wado is that the more you learn the little you realise you actually know. No one trains like we do at the OhKu Kai. I now help to instruct myself and pass down my knowledge onto the next generation with the help of my instructors.

Andy Parmley - 2nd Dan Senpai

I started karate in 1999 in Northampton studying Shito-Ryu attaining brown belt before moving to Droitwich. I looked at all the schools around the Worcester area before joining Droitwich Ohku Kai In 2005.

After training several hard months I was given my green belt by Sensei Honey. I passed my 1st Dan in 2008 which was one of the proudest moments of my life.

I love training even though it can be very hard physically. When you enter the dojo all your problems outside are gone. Being trained by Sensei Honey is sometimes like being hit by a truck but the sense of what you achieve is amazing.

I passed my 2nd Dan in October 2016, breaking my foot in the process. It was still a great day. I am now training hard for the next level.

Both my daughters train with me. One day I will get my wife to join us.

Joe Murfin - 2nd Dan

I was born in Burton upon Trent in 1995.

Started karate in 2001. Gained my first Dan in 2011. Gained my second Dan in 2013. I never wanted to start karate lessons but my brother had heard of a local karate school and was eager to start so I was forced to accompany him.

After my first lesson I learnt I loved it. We carried on training until my dad met Sensei john hocking through Koi carp and he invited us down to his home to show him what we had learnt. He then told us that what we was taught wasn't traditional and then taught us in his garage most weekend then on. I tried to find a traditional karate school in Derby. But to no avail. Sensei hocking had heard from his Sensei that he was going to be teaching at Droitwich Ohku Kai so we traveled down to train there being taught by Sensei Dave honey and Shihan Peter Suzuki and quickly gained my 1st Dan under them.

Two years later I earnt my second Dan from Sensei honey.

After Sensei Hocking's passing in 2015 I decided I wanted to teach what he had learnt me. Not only in karate but in life too. I now take the hour long journey to Sensei honeys dojo most weeks and hope to, one day, become as great a karateka as Sensei hocking.

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