Grading 14th March 2018

A Big Well Done to those who passed

Grading 1st November 2017

Congratulations to all who passed
9th Kyu - Bayden, Kyran, Paulina, Nathan, Finn and Luca
8th Kyu - Ellie, Seth, Misi and Jordan
7th Kyu - Lilia, Frankie and Liam
6th Kyu - Rhys
Special well done to Briony who double graded straight to 8th Kyu

Grading - 16th September 2017

Congratulations to everybody who achieved their next level

Brandon, Leomi, Hayden, Rishi and Abi all achieved 3rd Kyu

Dave achieved his 1st Kyu

Louca and Anthony who got their Nidan

And a massive congratulations to Mick who after being with the club as Brown Belt for 20 years and battling with ill health was awarded an honorary 1st Dan by Sensei Honey

Grading - 28th June 2017

Congratulations to all who passed

Eliza - 3rd Kyu Brown

Rishi, Brandon, Leomi & Hayden - 4th Kyu Purple

Abigail - 4th Kyu Purple - Double Graded!

Rhys, Emma & Ellie 7th Kyu Orange

Frankie & Lilia 8th Kyu Yellow

Ruby, Seth, Georgie and Ellie 9th Kyu Red



Black Belt Grading will be on Saturday 16th September between 1pm - 4pm.

Darren will be taking his 1st Dan and Anthony and Louca will be taking their 2nd Dan Black Belts

Purple and Brown will also grade. Other belts will be done in regular lesson the week after


Grading held on 1st March 2017 

Congratulations to all who passed

David Murphy - 2nd kyu 

Rishi Sharma - 5th kyu 

Leomi Clarke - 5th kyu 

Brandon Gadsby Cooper - 5th kyu 

Abigail Parmley - 6th kyu 

Matthew Davies - 6th kyu 

Ellie Parmley - 8th kyu 

Emma Lord - 8th kyu

Grading 1st March 2017

 Darren Salt receiving John Hocking Student of the Year

Senpai Andy & Fran receiving their 2nd Dan certificates

Dan Grading Criteria At Droitwich Ohku Kai as set by Sensei Pat Pace (as of 16/917)

  1. You must wait until you are invited to Dan Grade

  2. You must supply consecutive Insurance Certificates from 1st Kyu to Present

  3. From 1st Kyu to 1st Dan you must show 50 lessons on your attendance card.

  4. From 1st Dan to 5th Dan you must have 60 lessons annually on your attendance card

  5. 6th Dan will be awarded at Chief Instructors discretion

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