Sensei Dave Honey was awarded his 7th Dan in May 2018.
This is an outstanding achievement and well deserved after 38 years of training.
We are now one of just a handful of clubs with such a high ranked instructor
Sensei Honeys daughter is also one of our instructors. Recently his two grandchildren have also started training with us and have already achieved their Red belts

3rd November 1966 born Sandown Isle of Wight
1980 Started Martial Arts
1984 Started Wado Ryu Karate
1990 Awarded Captaincy of Droitwich Ohku Kai and passed 1st Dan grading.
1992 Passed 2nd Dan grading.
1995 Professor Tatsuo Suzuki Hanshi gave Dave's school a certificate of teaching Traditional Wado Ryu at the same time as Dave passed his 3rd Dan grading.
1999 Passed 4th Dan grading.
2004 Passed 5th Dan grading, Took over the running of Droitwich Ohku Kai.

2011 Awarded 6th Dan (Rokudan).


In the early days Dave progressed well in competitions around the Midlands, he also had the privilege of fighting at Crystal Palace in 1985 with Birmingham Ohku Kai. Dave has also studied the art of shiatsu, becoming a pioneer of pressure points in the mid 90's traveling the Country teaching various styles and organizations.

Droitwich Ohku Kai's main instructor and only original student since 1984 is Dave Honey who took his early Kyu gradings under Shihan Peter Suzuki.  After Shihan Peter Suzuki retired Dave traveled the Country training with other instructors including Professor Tatsuo Suzuki Hanshi. Prof Tatsuo Suzuki also attended Droitwich Ohku Kai teaching Traditional Wado Ryu at the same time as giving Dave his 3rd Dan.

Phil Martin stepped aside in 2000 and left the club in 2004 Dave Honey took over teaching of the club up until the present day. 

Dave also for a short period of time got Peter Suzuki out of retirement to over see the purity of the Wado taught at Droitwich Ohku Kai. 

Dave had the privileged of in depth conversations with Prof Tatsuo Suzuki Hanshi, Shihan Peter Suzuki and would also like to extend thanks to Mr Phil Martin whom without his guidance would never have stuck to the path of pure Wado Ryu.

Sensei Honey and Professor Tatsuo Suzuki 

A rare certificate from Mr Tatsuo Suzuki granting Sensei Dave Honey the title of Assistant Instructor
Sensei Dave Honey's 3rd Dan certificate signed by Mr Tatsuo Suzuki
A certificate stating Droitwich Ohku Kai is a member of the WIKF

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